Kings Farm Close, Longcot


We are delighted to be able to present nine new homes at the edge of Longcot village. Kings Farm Close is a small unique development of high performance eco homes built by specialist Oxfordshire builder Greencore Construction.  These homes are designed for the ultimate living comfort and will all include

  • Very low heating requirements (targeting Passivhaus thermal performance) with EPCs expected at B, resulting in low energy costs
  • Near Zero carbon footprint through the use of the Biond construction system utilising natural materials
  • High air tightness to minimise heat loss
  • A Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR) system to deliver fresh air into each house, and to remove stale and moist air, recovering heat from the air removed. This ensures a comfortable and healthy living environment, while enhancing energy efficiency
  • Underfloor heating
  • Triple glazing throughout
  • LED lights throughout
  • Wiring installed for electric vehicle charging
  • External landscaping designed to raise the biodiversity of the green space including wild flowers and fruit trees for shared consumption

In addition, Kings Farm Close was awarded One Planet Action Plan “national leadership” status by specialist sustainability charity, Bioregional. An Action Plan has been developed and will be used by the Kings Farm Close community to enhance and maintain their sustainability. Many of the objectives have already been delivered by Greencore in the design and construction of the eco homes. Key aspects of future activity are likely to include

  • One Plant Living meetings to discuss the Action Plan and to integrate 21st Century sustainability into the community
  • Car sharing to reduce car ownership
  • Engagement with the local community to integrate into local activities and to use local services  
  • Ongoing discussion of sustainability issues and challenges in Longcot