The Complete Guide to Renting in Oxford


If you are new to the area and have decided to rent in Oxford, you are likely to have plenty of questions about the area, rental prices, amenities, and what to expect. Based in thriving Summertown, WEST- The Property Consultancy know a thing or two about living in the Oxford area. With on hand expert advice about your renting options, so do come in for a chat!

Otherwise, find all the information you could possibly need about renting in Oxford below. No matter if you are new to the area or have lived here for years and are looking for a new opportunity, we’ll answer any burning questions that you have. 

What is it like in Oxford?

Oxford is a thriving sociable city steeped in history and heritage, with its world-renowned University and its 39 colleges, two major hospitals, and beautiful Medieval buildings defining the skyline of the city centre. Oxford has become a popular social hub and living destination for students, academics, families, and working professionals alike. Oxford is also a very popular choice for London commuters who are looking for a great quality life within easy reach of the outskirts of London, often combined with the quality of education that the city will provide for their young children. With independent bars, restaurants, shops and a cultural scene like no other, located within an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Oxford really has it all.

In fact, statistics go to show how Oxford has increased in popularity in recent years. The latest study in 2017 estimated the population at 154,600 , so despite its growth it remains a small intimate city.  

Key facts about Oxford

  • 70% of jobs are in knowledge intensive industries 
  • It is a vastly popular city for tourism, and is the 7th most visited city in the UK
  • It is home to Oxford University, one of the oldest and most prestigious Universities in the world.

What is it like working in Oxford?

In terms of the most popular industry sectors in Oxford, the breakdown is as follows:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Research
  • Technology
  • Tourism
  • Car Manufacturing
  • Publishing

Transport in Oxford

Many who live in the city commute in and around the city, so do not require their car around the city, commute to work by bike and the city increasingly promotes its ‘green’ credentials. The bus network is one of the most renowned in the country. They are a way of life in Oxford, with buses connecting the city that are readily available, running throughout the day. Many bus services offer night services, and buses into the city run as frequently as every 10 minutes from some areas. The bus system is a way of life, as many people live in Oxford and commute to work. Oxford is also an incredibly bike friendly city. Oxford currently has four dockless bike schemes – Pony, Ofo, oBike and Mobike, as well as bicycle lanes and many storage facilities for bikes in the city. There are two main train stations, Oxford and Oxford Parkway.

Commuting to London

For links to London, there is a direct train to London Marylebone from Oxford Parkway the fastest route of which takes 55 minutes. Trains to Paddington from Oxford station take around an hour. With up to 70 train services running a day, many commuters choose to live in Oxford and make the daily commute to London.

How to rent in Oxford

In terms of deciding where to rent in Oxford, it’s best to consider what you are looking for from your living experience. This will largely depend on the suburb you decide to live in. WEST–The Property Consultancy take a closer look at these below. We’ve also highlighted average rent prices in the key areas of Oxford for people looking to rent in Oxford (Accurate as of November 2019).


Jericho is a popular and trendy place to live, with colourful rows of houses, quirky independent bars and a social buzz. The Victorian terraced houses give Jericho a pleasant overall feel as a place to live on the Oxford Canal, with great pubs and gig venues and independent cinema, making it a go-to destination in the evening. There are plenty of independent restaurants too, so no matter the kind of day or night you’re looking for, Jericho won’t disappoint. Living in Jericho is a popular choice for many moving to Oxford, seen as a hidden gem with eclectic buildings and a great energy.

Average rent prices in Jericho (per month)

  • 1 Bed apartment / house from £1400 pcm
  • 2 Bed apartment / house from £1700 pcm
  • 3 bed house from £1900
  • 4 bed house from £2200


Summertown is seen as one of the most desirable places to live in Oxford for quality of life. With a range of private schools and its primarily Victorian architecture, you get the sense of a community feel in Summertown, with enough shops, eateries and amenities to get you by without the need to head into central Oxford. However, due to this, Summertown is arguably one of the most expensive places to rent in Oxford.

Average rent prices in Summertown (per month)

  • 1 Bed apartment / house from £1300pcm
  • 2 Bed apartment / house from £1500pcm
  • 3 bed house from £1700
  • 4 bed house from £2500 


Headington is one of the largest areas in Oxford, with a wide range of housing. Most properties are within walking distance to Oxford Brookes University and the John Radcliffe Hospital, making it a popular choice for students and working professionals. As well as being a residential hub, there are plenty of amenities to cater for the local population. You can head to one of the various parks in the summer, and with plenty of convenient stores dotted about including a good size Waitrose store you needn’t travel into central Oxford unless you want to. Headington is also located close to the Oxford ring road if you are commuting out of the city.

Average rent prices in Headington

  • 1 Bed apartment / house from £1100pcm
  • 2 Bed apartment / house from £1300pcm
  • 3 bed house from £1600pcm
  • 4 bed house from £1900pcm

Top Tip: Be sure to check out the famous Headington shark, a sculpture put in place by well know resident and radio broadcaster Bill Heine in New High Street Headington in 1986. It has remained a popular feature and something of a talking point of the area ever since.


Cowley is seen as a student hub, with the famous Cowley Road providing a buzzing night out with bars, restaurants and clubs right along the stretch of the road. Home to independent bars, comedy clubs and fantastic restaurants, living near Cowley Road is perfect for those with a social life. Due to the proximity to the Universities, Cowley Road provides a buzzing social scene particularly enjoyed by students. The O2 Academy and The Bullingdon Arms host many a great night out with home grown and international music artists performing at these venues regularly. With vintage shops and cafes, there’s plenty to do in the day, making this a buzzing area of Oxford right in the heart of things.

Average rent prices in Cowley

  • 1 Bed apartment / house from £1000pcm
  • 2 Bed apartment / house from £1300pcm
  • 3 bed house from £1700
  • 4 bed house from £1900


Iffley Road is generally considered an area that is popular with both families and students alike. In terms of the housing mix, the accommodation varies from apartments to 6 or 7 bedroom houses. Victorian / Edwardian houses are numerous in Iffley and the Iffley Fields area. There are a number of excellent pubs and restaurants in the area including The Magdalen Arms with its rising Michelin star and the always extraordinary Oli’s Thai restaurant as well as convenience stores and a bakery. It is located south of the city centre with convenient access to the ring road for commuters heading out of Oxford. Iffley Village is a very pleasant anomaly, given that it is a small village attached to Oxford bordering the River Thames and it has an almost rural feel, despite being within the ring road of Oxford. The village is accessed at the southern end of the Iffley Road off Henley Avenue.

Average rent prices in Iffley

  • 1 Bed apartment / house from £1000pcm
  • 2 Bed apartment / house from £1200pcm
  • 3 bed house from £1500pcm
  • 4 bed house from £2200pcm


Just 8 miles north of Oxford, Woodstock is seen as one of the most aesthetic beautiful areas to live within close proximity of the city, located on the edge of the World Heritage Site, Blenheim Palace. Expect Cotswold stone and country charm if you decide to live in Woodstock, with buses running into the Oxford city centre very regularly. A wide range of boutique shops and good restaurants and pubs  make this a very charming and popular outpost within a short distance of Oxford.

Average rent prices in Woodstock

  • 1 Bed apartment / house from £900pcm
  • 2 Bed apartment / house from £1100pcm
  • 3 bed house from £1500pcm
  • 4 bed house from £1800pcm

What to do in Oxford

Oxford doesn’t see over £7m tourists per year flock to the city without good reason. If you decide to rent in Oxford, you will never be too far away from a good restaurant, pub, or popular attraction or venue. Whether you wish to explore the University buildings, or discover the Museum of Natural History or the world famous Ashmolean Museum, Oxford is a cultural hub with regular events for the arts, networking, and industry.

Shopping in Oxford

Westgate Oxford  provides everything you need for a shopping day. Click here for a Westgate Oxford guide. If this isn’t enough, the city centre has an array of independent boutiques, shops, coffee houses, the renowned Victorian ‘Covered Market’ and historic buildings and architecture to explore. Summertown, Headington and Cowley also offer a choice selection of shops, restaurants and bars making them ideal places to shop away from the central hustle and bustle.

There are, notably, plenty of restaurants and bars throughout the city, boasting rooftop views of the charming Medieval spires and stunning architecture that is instantly recognisable the world over.

Green spaces around Oxford

There are plenty of green spaces to explore in Oxford. Some of the notable green areas include:

  • Christchurch Meadow
  • Port Meadow and Wolvercote Common
  • South Park and Headington Hill Park
  • University of Oxford Botanic Garden
  • University Parks
  • Bury Knowle Park

Bury Knowle park in Headington is particularly lovely in the summer, with plenty of wide open space for a picnic or BBQ and a beautiful play area for children but you also have Headington Hill Park, South Parks (which hosts music and food festivals) and on the edge of Headington, the expansive Shotover Country Park.

Oxfordshire is also home to a number of notable National Trust sites. You can find out more here about National Trust sites in Oxford.

Schools in Oxford

There are a number of state and private Primary and Senior schools in Oxford, including:

Independent Schools in Oxford

  • Chandlings
  • Cherwell College
  • D’Overbroek’s
  • Dragon School
  • Emmanuel Christian School
  • Oxford International College
  • Oxford Montessori Schools
  • Oxford High school
  • Oxford Sixth Form College
  • Headington School
  • St Edwards School


Girls Schools in Oxford


  • Headington School
  • Oxford High School GDST
  • Rye St Antony School
  • Wychwood School


Boys Schools in Oxford

  • Magdalen College School (Co-Ed 6th Form)
  • New College School
  • Summer Fields
  • Radley College

You can click this link for more information on state schools in Oxfordshire.

Social life in Oxford

With plenty of green spaces surrounding the area, you will rarely tire of ways to spend your free time. You can very easily find Oxford comedy nights, theatre nights in Oxford, concerts by international artists, art meet-ups and society nights taking place throughout the social calendar.

In terms of nightlife, Central Oxford,  Jericho and Cowley offer plenty of buzzing independent bars to while the night away, with the O2 Academy, The Bullingdon, The New Theatre, The Oxford Playhouse arguably the most well-known venues. With restaurants dotted around the city offering you a taste of every international cuisine, there is plenty to do should you have visitors or want to unwind in the city.

Oxford is home to various academic establishments including

v  Oxford University, along with 39 colleges

v  Various Research establishments

v  Science parks & laboratories

v  National Centre for Scientific Research

v  Oxford Learning Institute

Oxford is also home to hospital campuses. Collectively this has ensured that the number of working professionals and academics in the city has continued to thrive. The range of restaurants and hot spots in the centre reflect this, as do the first-class bus services running throughout the day and well into the night.

Gyms in Oxford

There are plenty of gyms / leisure centres in Oxford depending on your location, including:


If you have decided to move to Oxford, or live in the area and are looking to find the best possible options for your next house move, Contact WEST-The Property Consultancy. We have a dedicated team based in Summertown with many years of collective experience working in the residential property sector and also living in the Oxford area, so we can knowledgeably assist you in finding your city home.

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Oxford Crime Rates

This website provides some statistics for the crime rates from November 2018 – 2019.